As with many of Tetsuya Nomura's character designs, Neku falls under the category of spiky haired protagonist. It can be easily compared to Kingdom Hearts' Sora due to the style and color, but the obvious difference is the pair of headphones wrapped around his head.

"You should take off those headphones. It's rude." - Shiki
"Would you just shut the hell up!" - Neku

Neku doesn't like to remove his headphones. He takes it as his safety blanket and tool for blocking out others from trying to interact with him. It's assumed that the small white mp3 player around his neck is what he listens to. (more?)

Neku wears a non-sleeved black/grey turtleneck shielding his mouth and neck areas. A long, wide purple stripe is found in the middle of his shirt with two small yellow stripes outlining it. This shade of purple closely resembles his headphones. On his left hand he wears a light yellow wristband, so it's a possibility he wears it as a fashion statement. Neku's pants are baggy and colored white with two large pockets found on his left and right. He also wears a loose purple belt with a silver buckle. His shoes pattern after that of the shirt he wears, tightly buckled at his ankles.

In-Game Trends
The World Ends With You is a game that centralizes around Shibuya fashion and trends. Throughout the game Neku has the ability to make purchases of clothing from different brands within Shibuya. The clothing add statistics that would help him in battle as well as affecting the trends of a particular location. Some reapers even require that Neku or an ally wear a particular brand of clothing in order to move on into the next area of Shibuya. Unfortunately there's no change in visuals when equipped with clothes and accessories, so what's seen is Neku's basic attire.