Coverage will be on Neku's relationship with the people I feel impacted him the most throughout the course of The World Ends With You. Instead of a full history and analysis, only a background for each relationship is presented.

Shiki is the first person Neku encounters in the Reapers' Game as well as his first partner. She gives him his Pyrokinesis pin before their first fight and is openly intrigued by Neku's easy mastery of pins. Neku disregards Shiki during their week of the Game, calling her "Stalker" as she follows him around so that they can survive and complete missions. Soon, Neku develops a friendship with her unknown to his own state of consciousness. After defeating Game Master Higashizawa at the end of Week 1, Day 7, Neku finally calls Shiki by her name and both promise to meet up in front of Hachiko in the RG (real world), with Shiki in her true form. Soon, it was revealed that Shiki never did return to the RG because she became Neku's entry fee for the second week.

First day of Week 2, Neku meets up with Joshua as he's in for a repeat in the Reapers' Game. Personalities clash as Neku finds Joshua's demeanor far too annoying. He also grew suspicious of whenever Joshua was on the phone; this soon revealed to be conversations with Hanekoma. As Neku's memories return he makes a shocking discovery; Joshua killed him. This proved to be more than just a simple case of "wrong place, wrong time." Joshua was in fact the Game's Composer and wanted to destroy Shibuya, finding it to be a foul place that exists. He used Neku as a pawn in his game with Kitaniji, the Game's Conductor. Kitaniji had been given thirty days by Joshua to rid Shibuya of ill and defeat his pick, Neku. After his demise against Neku, Kitaniji is erased due to his failure. Joshua, feeling that if the worst person in Shibuya can change, then Shibuya can stay. As a result Joshua kept Shibuya, with Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme all returning to the RG.

Neku first meets Beat on Week 1, Day 2. He finds Beat and his advice a nuisance, even stating that if Shiki wanted them to help that she should just leave him. Two days later, Beat loses Rhyme as she sacrificed herself in order to save him. With a loss at hand, Beat joins the Reapers near the end of the week in hopes to get Rhyme back. On the third week, Beat betrays the Reapers and helps Neku due to his inability to make a pact with no other players in the game. During the last few days, both attained a level of understanding in which Beat considers Neku more than just a partner, but also as a friend.

Hanekoma / Mr. H / aka CAT
The man that bestowed Neku with the nickname of Phones, Hanekoma, otherwise known as Mr. H to Neku, is actually the Game's Producer. He watches the Reapers' Game, making sure the game is clean. He also gives Neku remarkably useful advice in playing the Game. Aside from running a café that is always empty, he is in fact the person that Neku looks up to the most: successful Shibuya artist CAT. Ironically, Hanekoma's café is also located on Cat Street and hopes for Neku to drop by whenever he gets the chance.