The World Ends With You centers its entire storyline on Shibuya. Both the Reapers' Game and the life Neku once called his own were all based in this populous part of Tokyo.

Scramble Crossing

Scramble Crossing is where Neku is first introduced and the center of Shibuya. Many of his days while playing the Reapers' Game start off there. As Neku starts off each week of the Reapers' Game, he also awakens on the very same spot at the crossing.

Statue of Hachiko

This particular location is significant for Neku in terms of finding a partner. The pacts made for the three weeks of playing the Reapers' Game all happened there, with Shiki, Joshua, and Beat respectively. The Statue of Hachiko is known as a landmark for friends to gather and meet up both in The World Ends With You and in real life.


The Udogawa Back Streets plays a significant role in Neku's life. It is his stomping grounds located near Shibu-Q Heads where he admired the walls of renowned graffiti artist CAT. Unknown to him as he gazed up in admiration, Neku would soon get caught in a fight between Joshua and Minamimoto. There, Joshua took the opportunity to shoot and kill Neku, getting him involved in something that would change his life forever.